This Dance's Glance

Caroline Arness

Slowly, her eyes learn
adagio, the grammar
of this dance. 
Training to commit action
to meaning to memory.
Battement, they beat,
a blink of the basic
before they see
They are ready. Pirouette,
they spin,
too soon.  Unable to focus.
Adagio, slowly,
Plié, they bend, into
a foundation rooted strong
Relevé, they lift,
confidently and prepare, Sauté,
they jump. Beautiful.
Slate gray, steel blue, Glissade,
they glide, out of layers of green tulle
worn gold exposed.
En Cloche, they clang
like a bell,
he sees, swears
he hears them.
Piqué, they prick.
An arrow strikes,
and he Fondue, melts
Into their dance,
the love,
learning to dance
in her eyes.